Freshly Graduated Trainee

Job description

Yuki is the very first self-learning, community-driven, fully automatic accounting software in the world.

Previously accounting has been the same for over twenty-five years for both entrepreneurs and accountants. We’re here to change that!

The Yuki- traineeship consists of four functions that you will excecute in approximately two years. Longer or shorter, that's possible, it all depends on your personal growth! Only consistancy: great teams and  amazing colleagues who all share the same passion: making accountancy sexy again! Togheter we will decide which role has spoken to you most and where you want to develop yourself. This can be as a Marketing Legend, Sales Genius, Support Hero or Customer Success Champ. You will take your career into your own hands! 

Job requirements

- You are a freshly graduated Master student.
- You want to work in the Antwerp region.
- You have a true entrepreneurial spirit.
- Passion - Purpose - Impact are your keywords!