Customer Support Hero

Job description

As a Customer Support Hero you are the first point of contact for our customers. Via tickets and calls you offer a customized solution for all kinds of questions about our software. In addition, you also provide the first softwaretrainings to them, this way, you make sure that our customers kickstart their Yuki-journey. Yes you are correct, Customer Support is the beating heart of Yuki.


  • Your goal: make and keep customers happy!
  • You are in daily contact with our Yuki users via telephone and tickets.
  • It is your responsibility to help them with their questions or problems. This is easy-peasy for you thanks to your problem-solving mind.
  • You are also the voice of the customer internally. You pass on their feedback to the product and development team, so that they can get started aswell to make Yuki even better.
  • As your own software knowledge grows, you will have the opportunity to participate in all kinds of projects within Yuki, depending on your own talent and passion.

Job requirements

  • You have a Bachelor's or Master degree in Accountancy or Finance and you have a first experience. Or not ... for us, your motivation and your fit with the company counts.
  • You firmly believe that digitization is the way to go!
  • Working in a scale-up environment where there is a lot of change ... that's right up your alley.
  • You know very well how you can help customers in a professional way.
  • Helping colleagues gives you as much satisfaction as helping customers.
  • You communicate fluently in Dutch, French and English.